Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP is a law firm in Florida that specializes in a number of areas of law. They represent the injured and make sure that whoever is at fault will pay. When a client has recovered from an accident or injury and has reached their normal level of health, that is when our attorneys begin the process of collecting damages. Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP have an impressive insurance attorney roster and will work for you until you are fully compensated for your injuries.


The Different Claims They Represent


Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP represents commercial litigation, criminal defense, immigration, personal injury and property insurance claims. In all of these departments, they provide an excellent insurance attorney. Regardless of whether it is commercial litigation or personal injury, Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP are for the people. Strategizing the best solution in all cases for the client.


Personal Injury Claims


Personal injury claims could be filed for a number of reasons including medical malpractice, wrongful death, car accidents, premises liability, and police brutality. Each case is unique and will be handled accordingly, but what they all have in common is the end goal. That is, to ensure the health of a client and pursue legal action within every avenue possible to recover the most money for their damages. You make every decision regarding how you want to pursue your case, but we are here to guide you with our experience, every step of the way.  


What Is Premises Liability?


Premises liability comes into play with many personal injury cases. When injuries are caused by an unsafe condition regarding someone’s property, the injured can sue the property owners. For example, if a mailman walks up to deliver your mail and he trips on something lying in his path, he can sue you if he becomes injured. Once someone is on your property, you are responsible for them and liable for any damages. Sometimes the line of who is responsible becomes blurred. The property owner can argue that the injured person was at fault because he or she is responsible for his or her own safety. In some instances it is ruled that both parties are at fault, and when the property owner is paying for damages, the amount will be reduced by the percentage in which the injured person was at fault.


Premises Liability At Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP


When faced with these cases, it can be difficult because the property owner will try to pay the least amount of damages that the court will allow. They will use the defense of the injured person’s responsibility for their own care, and it can become intense when dealing with these cases. With our esteemed team of attorneys, we will make sure to place you with the right insurance attorney for your case. We will fight for you to the end and pursue your claim if it goes to trial. We have a team of experienced trial attorneys that will keep you up to date with the process so that you are well informed.
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