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What Is Police Brutality?


Police brutality is unnecessary force used by the police when dealing with civilians. The excessive use of force by police is using force way beyond what the situation requires. There are a number of ways that police brutality can be presented, but the most common is physical abuse by an officer. Police are authorized to use things such as nerve gas, pepper spray, and guns to intimidate suspects and sometimes even purposefully hurt civilians. When this privilege is abused, that is where problems result. There are other forms of police brutality such as false arrests, verbal abuse, and even sexual abuse. One of the biggest forms of police brutality that we deal with in today’s society is racial profiling. This is when a police officer uses excessive force, verbal abuse, and even falsifies an arrest due to the color of someone’s skin.


How To Handle Police Brutality Cases In Miami


If you are a victim of police brutality and are afraid to come forward due to their authority, a personal injury attorney in Miami is here to help. These cases can be difficult at times, especially if the victim has priors, but Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP is dedicated to uncovering the truth and claiming damages for their clients. In instances of police brutality, it can be hard to obtain evidence to help your case and most of these cases aren’t even pursued. We are different as we will pursue every avenue and use statistics to help your case. In cases of police using tasers on suspects, hundreds of people have died from taser use. Our first priority is to make sure that you are recovered and healthy before beginning the process. When we do begin to investigate, we will look for witnesses and cameras in the area that could have caught the brutality on tape. We are not afraid to fight for you, even against the authority because you deserve to be treated fairly regardless of rank.


The Cost Of A Personal Injury Attorney


Sometimes the cost of hiring an attorney is a burden. At Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP, we know you work hard and don’t plan to take all of your money when handling a police brutality case. When you come in for a consultation, we can talk about your budget and Trujillo Vargas Gonzalez & Hevia, LLP is always willing to work with you on pricing. Every case has unique circumstances and requires the use of different resources. Let us take the stress off of your shoulders and handle your case. We always go the extra mile for each and every one of our clients and have the expertise to go head to head to fight your case in a professional manor. If we need outside help, we will execute all of our resources to ensure the success of your case.

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